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"It was a warm night on the south side of town" when we decided to start a new band to play some hard/glam rock covers of the most powerful bands/artists of the '80s (Mötley Crüe, Poison, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, ...).

We are Alice (less known as Leti) the voice and sometimes on sax or flute, the Cheshire Cat (less known as Chicco) on guitars, the Caterpillar (less known as Tia) on bass, and the Mad Hatter (less known as Teo) on drums: this is the real reason behind our band name, which is Alice in Wonderland, and not, like people always think, because we want to follow other bands from the '80s that took their names from tales, like Cinderella.

We spent two years playing some gigs in the neighborhood with other bands, but then we realized that what we really wanted was to write and play our own music: we wanted to transform our madness in songs, just for share. So, keeping in mind what Frank Zappa said: "any fool can make a rhyme, cowboys do it all the time", we started to write and play our songs...

Dr!nk Me

We're all mad here
Cheshire Cat

...and after two years and a half of work (drums roll.....) our first album, Dr!nk Me, saw the light!

We have recorded, mixed and mastered our songs by ourselves using non-professional equipment in non-professional rooms (like our bedrooms). This could sound lousy, but the result is pretty good. No, wait, the result is pretty damn good. We also founded our personal recording label, and, since we are novel's characters who recorded their songs in the bedrooms we decided to call our recording label a bedtime record.

At the end of August 2015 Dr!nk Me was ready to be released.

Dr!nk Me is a cocktail of sounds, textures and inspirations.

Alice in Wonderland found their personal music genre, tale rock, a mixture of richness made of squeaky guitars, mad basslines and beaten up drums, all shake it by a bittersweet voice.

You can quench your thirst for rock'n'roll listening to Dr!nk Me, because the album is available on the main music distribution services (Spotify, Deezer, GooglePlay, iTunes, Jamendo, etc), where you can listen to it for free, read the lyrics, download it and even buy it, if they want to support the band.

BUT, remember, drinking this music can be dangerous, so, be prepared, and read here the technical details about the album first.

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